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Spark Memberships
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This is a professionally facilitated meeting, set on the same day every month. Collaborate with eight to ten smart business leaders of non-competing businesses. Expect the following benefits:

  • New focus, excitement, and energy for running your business.

  • Gain clarity on business strategies and critical decisions.

  • Learn from others. (CRMs, KPIs, Accounting, Incentives, etc.)

  • Be introduced to an ever-expanding network of great professional service providers.

  • Accountability for getting the right things done.

  • Learn new strategies that could help grow sales and increase profits.

  • Guidance and confirmation for difficult employee issues.

  • Gain insight on current insurance trends and costs.

  • Education on creative ways to finance business growth.

  • Establish a trusted, committed, and supportive network of peers.


Expected Results:

  • Identify and set meaningful, measurable, attainable goals.

  • Identify and address important obstacles, challenges, issues, and decisions.

  • Focus on you – mind, body, soul.

  • Create a game plan to achieve your business and life goals.

  • Gain inspiration and practical steps to live an extraordinary life.

  • Focus on balance – work, family, community.


Phone Support Perks:

  • A trusted source to test ideas and help you move forward.

  • Proven, reliable, professional service referrals.

  • The sky’s the limit – call for anything.

  • Quick answers on issues that are holding you back.

  • A trusted, confidential source to share personal or professional success or setbacks.

Want to learn more?

Wondering if Spark is right for you? Let’s get together. We will explore where you and your company stand currently, talk about your journey so far, define some top-priority professional and personal goals, and discuss ways to overcome obstacles.

There’s nothing to lose with that first meeting. Even if you don’t decide to move forward with membership, you will walk away from the meeting with some new inspiration and action items to pursue your best professional and personal life.

Would you like to try a monthly meeting?

After the qualifying process is complete, you will be offered a free meeting trial. This is the best way to see if the group is the right fit for you, with no obligation.

Contact: (612) 867 8170

Kevin Lovegreen

Kevin Lovegreen
Founder, Spark Executive Coaching


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